Interesting cases

The objective is to collect our rare or interesting cases for the education of our residents and students. Some cases have been or will be published as a case report. Copyright of all pictures and contents are then reserved to be used here only.


A four-year-old boy presented with projectile non-bilious vomiting of severeal days. Physical examination revealed distended upper abdomen. Plain abdominal films showed dilated stomach with no gas passing through the rest of the intestine. Upper GI study revealed mesentericoaxial volvulus of stomach.
Laparotomy revealed gastric volvulus without ischemia and asplenia. Reduction and fundoplication were performed.

Courtesy of the Radiologic department


A nine-year-old girl presented with 2-year-history of enlarging breast lump. Physical examination revealed 15 cm in diameter mass with ulcerative surface. Dilatation of superficial veins at the left chest wall was also noted. Limited mastectomy was performed.

Histological diagnosis was giant fibroadenoma.

A two-year-old boy was referred to us with history of progressive cholestatic jaundice. Ultrasound and CT scan revealed dilated common bile duct and hepatic duct. A mass at the head of pancreas was also noted by imaging study.
Laparotomy revealed a hard mass, approximately 10 cm, surrounding the distal bile duct and pancreatic head. Pancreaticoduodenectomy was successfully conducted. Histopathology diagnosis was embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma of the bile duct. The child subsequently received adjuvant chemotherapy.


Courtesy of the Radiologic department